Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review of "Hearts of Sand" by Jane Haddam

Thirty years ago college student Chapin Waring, from the upscale town of Alwych, Connecticut, pulled off a series of bank robberies, killing two people. Her suspected partner in crime, Martin, died in a car crash after the final bank job and Chapin disappeared. However, the $250,000 nabbed from the banks was never recovered or spent.

Then - in the present day - Chapin reappears in Alwych and is almost immediately murdered.  Suspects include the circle of Chapin's friends who survived the car crash, Chapin's family, and a conspiracy nut who has written a series of books about Chapin. Unable to solve the crime the Alwych police call in renowned detective Gregor Demarkian.

In the midst of Demarkian's investigation another one of Chapin's  former friends is murdered. Before he can uncover the culprit Demarkian has to determine if the murders are related to the old bank jobs or if other forces are at play. Demarkian interviews suspects and uncovers clues and of course, solves the crimes.

The story's characters are interesting but the clues to the mystery are rather weak. Thus the solution almost seems to be pulled out of the air. Nevertheless I enjoyed the book.

Rating: 3 stars

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