Monday, September 12, 2016

Review of "Blowback" by Valerie Plame and Sarah Lovett

As the story opens, beautiful, blonde CIA operative Vanessa Pierson is meeting her Iranian asset - a nuclear physicist - in Vienna. The physicist reveals that the CIA's nemesis Bhoot - an international arms supplier - will soon be visiting a nuclear facility in Iran. Before the informant can reveal the facility's location he's assassinated by Chechen sharpshooter Pauk. 

Vanessa soon learns that Pauk has been killing off her assets far and wide. Is there a leak in the CIA? Driven to protect both her assets and her country Vanessa sets off on a country-hopping odyssey to find the location of the nuclear facility, capture Bhoot, and stop Pauk.

During Vanessa's quest she feels compelled to insure the safety of her Iranian informant's family, get a hidden message decoded, have a couple of shoot-outs with Pauk, and engage in a prohibited romantic dalliance with a fellow CIA operative. Vanessa is a kind of daredevil rogue agent who defies rules so she has to hide much of this activity from her bosses in the CIA. Unfortunately this maneuver may just get her booted off the case.

Blowback is a fast-paced story with plenty of action but limited depth. A good choice for a beach or vacation read.

Rating: 3 stars

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