Saturday, September 17, 2016

Review of "Blue Moonlight" by Vincent Zandri

Private Investigator Dick Moonlight - who has a bullet fragment in his head - is snatched up by the FBI, roughed up a bit, and accused of being a domestic terrorist. Turns out this is a ploy to force Dick to go to Venice, Italy to retrieve a flash drive containing nuclear secrets. The flash drive is in the hands of a trio composed of a rogue cop, a dirty FBI agent, and Dick's former girlfriend Lola - whom he still loves. The sinister threesome plan to sell the flash drive to the highest bidder, most likely dastardly Russians or Iranians.

Courtesy of the FBI, Dick gets some powerful guns and a fashionable wardrobe (to fit in with the snappy dressers in Florence) - and off he goes. From here, the story is a fast-paced thriller with Dick being threatened and chased by people who want to kill him. Dick performs some brave feats of derring-do while he attempts to retrieve the flash drive and make his way back to the U.S.

There is an array of engaging characters in the book starting with Dick (and his somewhat bullet-addled brain); a huge, intimidating FBI agent who calls Dick 'sweetie'; a couple of big, leather-clad Russian bad guys; a female FBI agent who takes a shine to Dick; and more.

There's no complicated plot in this book. It's basically just an action-packed story with lots of hitting, fighting, shooting, hiding, running, climbing, and so on. A quick, entertaining read.

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