Friday, September 9, 2016

Review of "Damage Control" by Robert Dugoni

When a young law professor named James Hill is viciously murdered during a home robbery in Seattle, Washington his twin sister Dana is devastated. Dana, also a lawyer, finds an expensive earring in James' apartment and sets off to help Detective Mike Logan investigate James' death. This requires interviewing people, traveling, and skipping work - which is difficult since Dana has a vengeful boss, a toddler daughter named Molly, and a neglectful self-centered husband. Nevertheless intrepid Dana carries on and discovers that James had a hideaway cabin and that the earring belonged to a beautiful woman in the public eye.

Dana's intereference creates trouble, however, since someone knows her every move and murder follows in her wake. Moreover the two thugs who robbed and killed James also become targets of a killer. Detective Logan and Dana realize that a huge cover-up is in the works - but what is being covered up? 

During all this Dana has serious health concerns and deep-seated marital problems - and warm-hearted Detective Logan helps by providing support and sympathy. Dana's mom assists also, by caring for Molly while Dana pursues the case. There are plenty of other characters in the story, including a fey jewelry maker who seems to have psychic powers, a presidential candidate, security personnel, a witness to one of the killings, and so on. This helps round out the story. 

Though somewhat predictable this is an enjoyable fast-paced thriller, good for a plane ride or beach read.

Rating: 3 stars

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