Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review of "Keep Quiet" by Lisa Scottoline

Wanting to get closer to his son Ryan, Jake Buckman unwisely lets the underage teen take the wheel of his Audi. Taking his eyes of the road for an instant Ryan hits and kills a female jogger. Wanting to protect Ryan - a good student and star basketball player with a promising future - Jake decides to leave the scene of the crime. 

This unfortunate decision has dire consequences. For one thing Ryan can't live with the lies and starts to fall apart. For another, someone might have witnessed the accident and may want to cash in. 

As events proceed Ryan's mother Pam, a local judge, is nominated to ascend to the federal bench. This requires a thorough investigation by the FBI and Jake fears that Ryan won't withstand the questioning. Jake desperately tries to 'fix' the situation but it spirals out of control and threatens to destroy the family. 

Events rush toward a dramatic resolution that's not quite believable. Still, the book is a page turner that keeps the reader's attention and imparts a good moral: take responsibility for your actions.

Rating: 3 stars

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