Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review of "Lemon Meringue Pie Murder" by Joanne Fluke

Hannah Swensen, owner of a cookie shop, is surprised to hear that one of her boyfriends, dentist Norman Rhodes, has purchased a house - lock, stock, and barrel - from Rhonda Scarf. He plans to tear down the house and build a dream home.

Before the house is demolished Hannah and her mom, an antique shop owner, go out to look for treasures. In addition to a few valuable antiques they find the dead body of Rhonda Scarf. Hannah's other boyfriend, detective Mike Kingston tells her to keep her nose out of the investigation but Hannah can't resist and dives right in.

This is a real cozy mystery in the sense that the police/detectives seem to do nothing at all. As Hannah runs around questioning people and making phone calls and taking photos of the crime scene, etc. it seems like she's the first one on the scene every time.

Soon after the murder money from an old bank robbery starts circulating through town, which provides clues to the crime. The book is chock full of fun characters - Hannah's sisters, mom, and friends. It's a fun light mystery that includes recipes for lemon meringue pie and a variety of (what sounds like) delicious cookies.

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