Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review of "I Shall Not Want" by Julia Spencer-Fleming

As this sixth book in the Millers Kill series opens the relationship between Reverend Clare Fergusson and Chief of Police Russ Van Alstyne is strained. Still, Clare manages to get involved with law enforcement when she decides to help immigrant laborers (i.e. illegal aliens) who work on the local dairy farms. Though the laborers are necessary for the economic viability of the farms they're often short-changed in terms of pay, living condtions, legal issues, medical care, and so on - and some local religious groups assist them as necessary. When the dead bodies of several immigrants turn up in different parts of the woods it becomes clear that some of them are involved in activities other than farming - things of interest to the police. Russ would prefer that Clare keep her nose out of these police investigations but she inserts herself into them in her usual fearless fashion.

Meanwhile the Millers Kill Police Department has a new female rookie cop - a single mom named Hadley Knox - who was hired just before the bodies started turning up. Thus Hadley has a steep on-the-job learning curve and shows spunk in difficult circumstances.

In addition to the romantic angst between Russ and Clare there are some sparks between Hadley and a fellow cop and between an immigrant worker and the sister of some local thugs.

Thus the book is a sort of mystery/multiple romance that touches on the topic of illegal immigration. Though the mystery part of the book is interesting it's overly complicated and the bad guys do some things that don't ring true. Therefore, the book's climax isn't completely satisfying. Still, fans of the series will probably enjoy this book.

Rating: 3 stars

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