Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review of "How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You" by Matthew Inman

This humourous book, composed of cartoons about cats, is geared to make pet lovers smile. The comical cats in the book get up to all kinds of tomfoolery....both at home and - in the case of the two corporate cats called "the Bobs" - at work.

To provide a little flavor of the book I'll give some examples of the droll entries.

If you're worried that your cat might be plotting to kill you, look out for the following:
Your kitty shovels too much litter after pottying....he's practicing for burying bodies.
Your kitty lays all over your electronics....he's stopping you from communicating with the outside world.

In one set of cartoons a tabby that wants more attention meows and rubs against her owner - who's busy working at his computer. When these maneuvers don't work the cat gets more and more creative. Among other things she proceeds to: use a bullhorn, launch herself at the owner's head with a trebuchet, make a party with balloons, cake, and punch, and - as a last straw - scratch up the furniture. THAT finally does the trick. (Ha ha ha)


The two corporate worker cats, Bob and Bob, are your typical office jokesters. When they want to derail a meeting, for instance, the two Bobs call the boss and say ".....your wife was hit by a meteor.....she's on need to come to the hospital immeteor-ately." (They're punsters as well!)

Bob and Bob normally wear (only) ties but show up in undies on casual Friday. When the CEO says "....[by] casual Friday I meant t-shirts and jeans, one Bob says "I can think of nothing more casual than my enchanting cheetah thong" and the other Bob says "I think he's got man-envy for our incredible taste in underpants."

The Bobs also spell out insulting messages with dead flies, bully fellow employees to get their pudding cups and sandwiches, and ruthlessly fire the CEO ("Don't make this harder than it has to be, Jim.")

In the cartoon that made me laugh the most the Bobs post a xerox copy of one of their rumps....with an arrow pointing to the butt hole. The message on the picture says: "Our CEO, Mr. Jimmers is a giant Stinky. Ha ha ha." And the cats sign the message "Anonymous (not the Bobs)."

The book's a quick light read that would entertain cat owners.... or anyone amused by funny animals. Highly recommended if you need a laugh.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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