Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review of "Turbo Twenty-Three" by Janet Evanovich

In this addition to the Stephanie Plum series a frozen corpse covered with chocolate and nuts may be the falllout from a 'war' between ice cream companies. Ranger's security firm has been hired to protect the Bogart ice cream factory.....and to expose a possible saboteur. Needing an undercover operative, Ranger hires Stephanie to pose as an ice cream factory worker. So, in additon to her usual job as a bounty hunter, Stephanie lends Ranger a hand.

All this leads to some fun scenes where a conveyor belt spews ice cream everywhere ("there's no big red button!"); Stephanie dresses as a clown to sell Bogart bars; and she gets covered with cooking oil redolent of bacon and fried chicken.

You know what to expect with this series, and the story contains the usual comic and romantic elements: Stephanie and her sidekick Lula - a flamboyant former 'ho' who carries a big gun - create havoc in New Jersey; vehicles crash and blow up; Grandma Mazur snags an elderly motorcycle-riding boyfriend.....and hops aboard in her pink pantsuit and white sneakers; Stephanie's mom compulsively irons and has a few nips; Stephanie gets cozy with both Morelli and Ranger; and so on.

In addition, in an attempt to land a reality TV gig, Lula and Briggs (a whiny little person) make videos called 'naked and afraid' and 'naked bungee jumping.' (Now that's something you'd never be able to unsee! LOL)

It turns out the ice cream business is pretty dangerous, and more people turn up dead or missing. In fact, before the perp is snagged Stephanie almost becomes a popsicle herself!

The book is entertaining - and I got a few smiles - but it's not as laugh out loud funny as previous entries in the series. I'd like to see Stephanie, Lula, and Grandma Mazur go a little more 'over the top' in future books. If you need a break from serious fare the Stephanie Plum books are fine 'go-to' choices.

Rating: 3 stars

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