Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review of "Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting On The News That Matters To Cats" by Georgia Dunn

I loved this delightful illustrated book about three cat journalists on the CN (cat news) network who report news of interest to cats. The kitties - Lupin, Elvis, and Puck - are housecats that live with 'the woman' and 'the man.'

The book is filled with entertaining scenes, so I'll just give a few examples.
The woman goes to the bathroom and closes the door....and the cats immediately rush over with their microphones: "CN news, ma'am. What you doing in there?' The cattarazzi proceed to claw at the door and stick their paws underneath as they keep calling, "Ma'am?" "Ma'am?" "Ma'am?.....and the woman just sighs.

Seeing that the woman has a frosted cupcake the cats immediately swarm her. One asks "Do you remember when you let me lick frosting off your finger, ma'am?" Another inquires "Do you remember I'm an excellent boy who deserves frosting?" When the woman declares "Cupcakes are for people" the cats are appalled....but get smiley again when they discover 11 more cupcakes on the kitchen counter.

The woman is under the weather and lying on the sofa (spooning with Puck). A reporter cat observes: "People recover from illness with giant mugs of hot tea and hours of British mystery shows." Later the woman is obviously pregnant and a newscat observes, "The woman has been increasing in size. This week her size has pinned her to the couch where she now lives with Puck watching British mystery shows." [Puck can't comment because if he misses the first ten minutes of the show he won't know what's going true...ha ha ha.]

When the man and woman finally bring the baby home a cat reporter observes that "The people have brought home a strange creature that they force to wear tiny hats." The cats think the baby is a human pupa...and their labeled illustration of this is hilarious!

This book would appeal to everyone who likes a laugh, especially cat lovers. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of this book.

Rating: 4 stars

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