Monday, July 18, 2016

Review of "One Kick" by Chelsea Cain

Kick Lannigan was abducted as a child, then "raised" by new parents (Mel and Linda) who were part of a child pornography ring. Apparently suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, Kick became attached to the abductors, and even came to love them in some fashion.

Rescued at age ten, a very disturbed Kick becomes determined to ensure her safety. Thus, by the time she's an adult Kick is an expert in martial arts and is always well-armed - with pistols, throwing stars, knives, nunchucks, etc. You name it, she has it - and she knows how to use it. Kick's closest companions are her elderly dog Monster and her "adopted brother" James, a troubled computer addict who lives in an apartment below hers.

When a young girl and boy are abducted a few weeks apart, Kick becomes obsessed with the case. Enter John Bishop - a mysterious, well-trained operator with endless resources - whose job seems to involve rescuing kidnapped children and investigating child pornography. After tussling with Bishop, Kick joins his mission to try to find the kidnapped youngsters.The task requires Kick to retrieve her old, painful memories and even to vist a dying Mel in prison - in an attempt to get information about child pornographers.

While they're pursuing the abductors Kick and Bishop fly in private planes, stay in a lavish home, and engaqe in a speck of romance. On the down side, some terrible things happen involving violence and torture.

This is page turner with memorable characters, including some disgusting bad guys, and good guys you can root for. Kick is a tough cookie with awe-inspiring skills and Bishop - though more enigmatic - has a good heart and high-powered connections that help him do his job.

A good thriller.

Rating: 3 stars

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