Friday, November 4, 2016

Review of "A Conspiracy of Friends: A Corduroy Mansions Novel" by Alexander McCall Smith

This laid back series centers around an apartment building called 'Corduroy Mansions' in the Pimlico section of London - its residents, their friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, and co-workers. In this book we visit with some familar characters and see what they're up to.

Twenty-something Caroline Jarvis has a degree in art history and works as a photograher's assistant. Caroline's parents want their daughter to spend less time with her best friend James, a gay young man who's not a viable marriage prospect. Thus, Caroline's mom engages in a little behind the scenes manipulation for her daughter's own good. And Caroline makes a regrettable mistake.

Middle-aged Willam French owns a wine store and lives with his beloved dog, Freddie de la Hay. One weekend William and Freddie de la Hay go to the country to visit William's lifelong friend Gerald and his wife Maggie. Unfortunate consequences ensue.

Freddie de la Hay disappears and Maggie reveals a disturbing secret she's been harboring for decades. A bit of trouble follows and William gets assistance from his friend Marcia Light - who carries a torch for him, and his neighbor Mr. Singh.

FYI: I was amused to learn that Freddie de la Hay (my favorite character) can fasten his own seat belt in a car.

Berthea Snark is a psychologist and writer who can't stand her son, Oedipus Snark, a self-absorbed minor politician with delusions of grandeur. Berthea does love her brother Terry Moongrove, a good-natured fellow with his head in the clouds. Terry is always on the brink of either accidently killng himself or being victimized by con artists, so Berthea keeps a close eye on him.

In this book, we see Oedipus (as usual) avoiding work and trying to throw his weight around. He also joins colleagues on a trip to the CERN supercollider, where he tries to be a know-it-all and embarasses himself. Terry also reveals his latest obsession - owning and driving a race car.

Barbara Ragg, a book editor, is the ex-girlfirend of Oedipus Snark, who was a neglectful, indifferent boyfriend. She's now dating Hugh, whom she hopes to marry. Barbara feels guilty about a couple of things and 'confesses' them to Hugh. Hugh returns the favor, relating a shocking story about working in Colombia, South America.

We also look in on some other characters including William's ne'er do well son Eddie and his girlfriend; Barbara's resentful business partner, Rupert Porter; an author writing a true-life book about a Yeti; and others.

This is a humorous, entertaining book that should probably be enjoyed with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Recommended for people who want a restful, low-stress book for a relaxing read.

Rating: 3.5 stars


  1. Enjoy the characters he creates. I always get a chuckle from his stories. And the pup on the cover is soooo cute........added this to my list....thanks Barb 🤗

    1. You're welcome Ice. I love the puppy too! Hope you enjoy the book. :)