Sunday, July 2, 2017

Review of "The Fala Factor" by Stuart A. Kaminsky

This ninth book in the 'Toby Peters' private detective series involves the alleged abduction of the 'First Dog of the United State' (FDOTUS). LOL

It's 1942 and private detective Toby Peters is hired by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to retrieve the President's beloved pooch Fala. Mrs. Roosevelt believes Fala was snatched and a substitute left in his place. It seems a crackpot rival political party is trying to take over the government and may have kidnapped the dog to throw the President off his stride.

This quirky plot is aided by the usual offbeat characters including Toby's amusing elderly landlady who calls him Mr. Peelers and thinks he's an exterminator/book editor; Toby's intrepid best friend, Gunther, a little person; Toby's landlord, the incompetent dentist Shelly Minck, who's as likely to land you in the hospital as fix your teeth; Toby's pal Jeremy, an ex-wrestler/would be poet who provides muscle for Toby's team; and so on. The famous actor Buster Keaton even makes a brief appearance.

Not that much mystery to the plot but it's a fun, light read.

Rating: 3 stars

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