Friday, December 9, 2016

Review of "Missing" by Karin Alvtegen

Born into a life of privilege, Sybilla is now homeless. Sometimes she hangs out at a hotel bar and charms a visiting businessman into paying for her dinner and hotel room. One night Sybilla chooses the wrong man and he's found dead and mutilated the next morning.

Of course Sybilla is the prime suspect and her situation only gets worse when more victims are found murdered in a similar manner. Alvtegen does a skillful job developing the character of Sybilla by interspersing scenes from Sybilla's childhood with those of Sybilla's current life on the run.

It turns out Sybilla had an indifferent father and a difficult mother, and - it seems - suffered from some mental illness. Moreover, the motive for the story's murders was an interesting surprise and the resolution of the mystery made sense and was satisfying.

I'd recommend the book to mystery fans.

Rating: 3 stars


  1. I really enjoyed Missing. I've also read Betrayal & Shame. They were both good but I preferred Shame. I've been on the hunt for Guilt which I can't seem to find. Even amazon which usually has everything, has a permanent message saying that this book can be ordered but it's not yet published - huh? - it was released in 2007.........perhaps not over here.
    Happy reading Barb!

  2. Ice, my library only has "Missing" by Alvtegen. Have you tried digital sources like Hoopla or Overdrive? (I might do that.)
    Happy reading to you as well. And Happy Holidays! :)