Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review of "Suspect" by Robert Crais

In this thriller Police Officer Scott James is badly injured and his partner is killed when they inadvertently stumble into a heist on a Los Angeles street. Elsewhere, Maggie, a German Shepherd "Marine dog" is shot and injured while sniffing for explosives in Afghanistan.

Months later, after they heal, Scott and Maggie come together in the K-9 (cop/dog) unit of the Los Angeles police department. Scott and Maggie train and bond under the tutelage of veteran handler Sgt. Dominick Leland. The bonding of man and dog is an important, touching, sometimes humorous part of the book as love and loyalty grows between the pair.

Meanwhile Scott continues to investigate who pulled off the heist which almost killed him since the robbery/homicide cops seem unable to solve the crime. As clues and witnesses to the heist are uncovered they tend to be discounted, lost, etc. - it appears some folks don't want the crime solved.

Two of my favorite characters are Maggie and Sgt. Leland; nice to see a man who values his dogs so fervently. The book flows to a believable and satisfying conclusion. I always enjoy Robert Crais's books and this one doesn't disappoint.

Rating: 4 stars

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